From Regional to Worldwide

Bana Box began in 1969 as a producer of wooden crates and pallets.  Al Boenker and three other co-workers at Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth started the company in a garage.

All of the partners sold out to Boenker within the first two years for an average of $200 each. He then turned the company into a family business, putting his three sons and two daughters to work. The company introduced corrugated packaging materials in the early 1970’s, and the feisty and energetic Boenker became determined to "turn the box business upside down" by introducing then-unheard of "one week delivery." In an era where three week turnaround was the standard, and two week orders were considered a major rush, his one week declaration made him a fool in his competitors' eyes.

By the time of Al Boenker's death in 1993, Bana had perfected its systems to accommodate one day delivery - which was ultimately lowered to 4 hour delivery (custom design, manufacture, and delivery, that is!) by 1995. The rest of the industry could only scratch their collective heads as they scrambled to play catch up. 

As the 21st century dawned, Bana set its sights on increasing its overall value proposition by not just delivering boxes fast, but by also becoming a major cog in its customers' inventory management process. JIT, which had been standard for years, was expanded to allow for as many as 24 daily deliveries. On-site customer service representatives allowed customers to cut internal overhead while improving the reliability of their inventory management.

With programs like zero inventory, KAN BAN, and lowest prices guarantees, Bana will remain on the forefront of speed, customer service, and low cost solutions for decades to come.